Everything You Should Know About Mobile Detailing in Jacksonville, FL

We offer Auto Detailing Services – the perfect solution for those who want their vehicle sparkling clean without having the trouble to have to wait around at a center – we are mobile and come to you! Patrick’s Detailing located in Jacksonville, FL, is your car care expert with years of experience.

Interior Detailing Services

Have you ever vacuumed your car but found yourself getting more dust and dirt? It’s because all that dirt has built up over time and continues to be a health risk with many bad odors.


Vacuum the interior to get rid of any debris that may be hiding inside. Small particles such as germs and dirt can easily attach themselves, making the interior unhealthy.

Glass Cleaning

Dirty grime and grease spots can appear on your windows, obstructing visibility. Glass cleaning is necessary to ensure a safe driving experience and 100% visibility.

Leather Treatment

To maintain your leather seats and prevent them from drying out completely, you need to clean them with products such as a leather cleanser, or else they will dry out and crack fast!

Exterior Detailing Services

Auto detailing services are the best way to preserve the exterior of your car by protecting it from future damage. Not only will you be able to keep your vehicle looking great all the time, but it helps to prevent environmental damage.

Washing and Drying

It is essential to scrub your car exterior with a quality soap and car wash mitt after spraying it down. Washing and drying will effectively eliminate any dirt or grime from the surface.


The clay bar is key to removing more difficult contaminants from your surfaces. Any bonded contaminants like tar, iron, tree sap etc will be removed with ease, leaving a mirror like finish.

Paint Protection

The last step is to apply a sealant or ceramic coating – these are designed to lock in the beautiful paint and protect it from the impacts of the environment.


Price Menu

Here are the different types of detailing services we offer. The prices listed below reflect starting points for smaller vehicles, but larger projects will naturally have higher costs associated with them!

Maintenance Detail - Keeps your car in the best shape.

A maintenance/mini detail for the interior and exterior keeping it in amazing shape after a Complete Detail. *Rate Varies*


Exterior Car Detailing Services - Refresh your Paintwork.

Complete Refresh of the exterior of your vehicle with detail including Paint Decontamination/Wash, detailed Wheel Cleaning, wheel barrels, finder liners, tires, door jambs, and a 12 Month Coating. All-in-One Polish & Protection will enhance gloss and removes defects Add for $100.


Interior Detailing: Upgrade your interior.

In-depth cleaning of your interior. This includes leather cleaning, and protection, steam cleaning seats, and upholstery, all compartments will be cleaned, and door jambs, and glass, plus all the nooks and crannies cleaned and detailed.


Complete Detail

Includes everything from the Exterior and Interior Detailing.


How Car Detailing is Beneficial to Car Owners

Cleaning and restoring your car to its original state is known as auto detailing. It can involve polishing, waxing, or shampooing the surfaces with professional products that are safe for exterior plastics like bumpers and plastic trim. Detailing involves removing dirt, grime and contaminants from the surface. There are several reasons why auto detailing is beneficial to car owners:

  •  It can improve the appearance of a car, making it look new again.
  • It can protect the car’s surfaces from fading, rusting, and other damage.
  • It is a great way to keep your vehicle shining again.

FAQs - Learn more about Auto Detailing

What is Auto Detailing?

Auto detailing is the practice of returning a car to "as new" condition through various techniques, including washing, waxing, polishing, buffing, and interior cleaning. Auto detailing includes the removal of light surface scratches by use of polishes or over-professional surface cleaners. The process can consist of steam cleaning the upholstery and floor carpets and performing other general maintenance tasks such as replacing worn rubber items like tire valves or washer jets. Detailing may involve removing contaminants like tree sap, bird droppings, insect remains (often called bug goo), and tar removal.

Why is Auto Detailing Important?

Auto Detailing your car is a great way to keep it looking good and protect its finish. A Wax or Sealant will help you have that showroom shine, but better still protect your vehicle with a ceramic coating.

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